12.07.2016 - European Autospares - a New Player in Town

Why European Autospares? “Well, why not”, Alex Renner, Partner in ARMotors replied. “It was never a secret that ARMotors is constantly looking for diversification both horizontally and vertically in order to avoid staying one dimensional. Over the years we have been innovative with our brands and service selection. The company exists for nearly a decade now. We have started with one brand, Porsche and added five more. We started with regular service and have established our Premium Services in the UAE market within a short period of time. Now it was time to look in a different direction”.

What is European Autospares exactly? Alex explains, “European Autospares fills a gap in the spare part industry in the Middle East and Asia. The biggest challenge for a workshop is sourcing of spare parts. A lot of independent workshops are going for non-original parts, something we would not do! Since the beginning we are sourcing our spare parts either from the manufacturer or the local car dealer. Our exposure to these sources was always good. We have reached a very good standing with our sources, this lead to the fact that smaller workshops asked us to supply them. Initially we looked at this as image positive, however, never under serious business aspects. Once the demand grew and we had to hire a parts manager a new venture was paved. We are working with an excellent on-line agency, which delivers not only exceptional service but extends also product knowledge. We have created an on-line platform from which we will be offering spare parts for all our Super Sports Car brands, Audi and other luxury car marquis.”

Which markets do you target? “Our target markets are the GCC and several countries in South East Asia. We are looking also at India as a potential market.”

How will your acquisition go and what other factors are important in this venture? “We are looking to perform most of the acquisition on-line. The most important aspect is the availability of parts. This is a key factor. If you generate interest but are unable to supply your efforts are wasted. We have to make sure that the supply level matches the expected demand. We are working on a fast and open supply chain with majority of our suppliers to guarantee immediate availability of fast moving spare parts and quick and uncomplicated sourcing for slower moving parts”.

Alex we wish you and European Autospares all the success.